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You’ve come to the right place is you are enthusiastic about improving your Spanish. TeachingYourselfSpanish.com is a result of my love of learning Spanish.

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Teach Yourself A Foreign Language Video Course


The first audio-based program to exclusively feature the Spanish subjunctive. This extensive, targeted course provides hours of practice using a variety of subjunctive triggers, covering all subjunctive tenses, and helping you learn HOW and WHEN to use the Spanish subjunctive. Click here for more details.

Mastering the Spanish Subjunctive Free Lessons


Are you frustrated that despite all your hard work and study, you still struggle to understand native speakers of the foreign language you are studying? I had the same problem, but worked out an incredibly effective method to solve the problem. This video course walks you through the steps of improving your listening comprehension of any foreign language. Click here for more details.


Are you looking for audios to practice your Spanish listening comprehension? 500 Spanish Audios includes tons of native speakers (from México, Guatemala, Perú, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Honduras, República Dominicana, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica and Spain) speaking at full-speed REAL spoken Spanish. Improve your ability to hear and comprehend REAL spoken Spanish with these mp3 audios and the complete transcripts Click here for more details.

Holistic Spanish Course Now Available

An intensive Spanish language course for intermediate and advanced Spanish students. Volume 1 is available now and includes over 19 hours of audio practice drills with full transcripts and grammar notes. Download a free sample lesson and learn more by CLICKING HERE

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Teaching Yourself Spanish

Do you wish that you were learning Spanish everyday instead of taking a few classes here and there, or studying grammar exercises every once in a while? Are you considering a Spanish learning program to purchase, but you aren’t sure which one to go with?

Teaching Yourself Spanish is filled with strategies, resources, and secrets that will help you make Spanish an enjoyable part of your everyday life, while helping you improve your Spanish at any level. [Read More…]

500 Spanish Videos

Learning to hear Spanish is a skill that takes practice. The spoken Spanish of regular people is often more challenging to understand than what you normally encounter as a Spanish student. Until now there have been few programs that specifically address this aspect of Spanish ear training.

This unique compilation contains over 500 videos of native Spanish speakers discussing a variety of topics. Subjects range from “making an appointment with a doctor” to “stereotypes you would like to eliminate” to “describing your job”. 84 different subjects in all with 5-7 interviews in each. Transcripts of each video are included. [More…]

The Spanish Immersion Directory

Spanish Immersion DirectoryAre you considering traveling abroad to study Spanish? The Spanish Immersion Directory is a great place to find potential schools to attend.

The home page of the directory features schools that are either non-profit, that have interesting volunteer opportunities or that are in some way active in helping out their community. Be sure to check out related articles in the blog.

The Non-Profit Organizations Directory

Each week a new blog post on this site features a non-profit organization in Latin America. This directory compiles these posts into a list. This page is the beginning of a larger project in the works to help raise and distribute funds to organizations that are working to improve conditions in Latin America.

Click here for the directory listing. Click here for the archive of past blog posts.

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